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Meet Jason one of our television actors...

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As you have just witnessed, our process of showing a compelling series of commercials on TV that get viewers to go to their computers to see the "rest of the story"...

And then showing a commercial... right in the middle of what they are interested in - and what they want to see next is a very powerful way to get hundreds of thousands of people to see any message that is inserted in the middle of the beginning of the videos and the ends.

Yes! I want my business in this system!

Just Think Of Your Favorite
Commercial On TV...


If you think of all the commercials that are now "telling you a story" and getting viewers interested in seeing what's next...

For example... are you like us in that we all want to know when the guy in the brown suit comes out talking about Geico what's going to come next?

Or what the gecko is going to pull out after his cell phone next? Or where he's going to go?

Will it be woodchucks chucking wood, people living under a rock or perhaps a pig with twirlers riding home from school in the back seat of a van?

Or how about Aflac's duck? Will he be break dancing with the pigeons in the park, or will there be a goat eating office documents?

Yes! I want my business in this system!

Our Commercials Are Produced In The Award Winning Turner Production Studios...

Our new series of commercials featuring talented "little people" actors and actresses have been shot at the award winning Turner Production studios in Dallas, Texas and were scripted, filmed, edited and produced to create an interest in the antics and goings on of an entire group of "little people" in fun and interesting situations...

And just like your favorite show on television, our commercials will leave you wanting to see "what's next" with each new installment in the series!

We then show these commercials in some of the best markets in the Nation during a range of opportune times so that when it's your message that is scheduled to show in the middle of the spot, there will be lot's and lot's and lot's of people arriving for the first time and returning to see what's going to happen next!

We Guarantee Your Special Discount

Currently due to our massive buying of network spots across a large market segment we can offer a very special price, and for everyone who grabs one of these heavily discounted spots we can guarantee your pricing for as long as you wish to keep it.

Even when our pricing goes up. Yours will not. For as long as you wish. Just stay a current customer with us and you are guaranteed your buy in price no matter how much our current market price shows to new customers arriving to purchase their commercial spot.

Yes! I want my business in this system!

And This Time The Word Limited Is
Not Just A Sales Pitch

As you can imagine, since you just watched a commercial along with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of other people...

It's not hard to figure out that if you are in our rotator that plays our advertisers in rotation to people arriving from watching tv looking to see what else our actors and actresses are up to - this is a very, very hot spot to find your website/business.

Most of you have never met anyone who has a website with millions of viewers, ours does! And you can get your website to show up in rotation as a featured "spot" right in the middle of a compelling video so that hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people have the chance to see your product or service!

What Does It Cost? How Does It Work?
And How Can You Get Part Of The
Special Offer Before It's Gone?

It's very easy! Simply hit the order button below, and we'll let you in at the current special of $397, $134 due to our large media buy , and you will be in rotation for a full month as people come and return to see what comes next with our commercials!

We also have some "insider" advertising offers that are not available to the general public but only to those who are customers with us as we classify you as "Ad Agency's" with the full ad agency VIP discounts.

If you want more people to see your website, to hear your message, to know about your products or services there is nothing that has ever even come close to what we offer.

And we are very limited in how many spots we allow to be taken per block of commercials because we want each and every advertiser to get more exposure with our spot than they have ever gotten anywhere else in their lives!

Yes! I want my business in this system!

How To Try This Out...
Here's where we advertise!

And I want access to your Ad Agency VIP Advertising Panel where I can look at other Networks, and other advertising platforms such as having my own smart phone and IPod App so that I can offer my products and services to the largest audience in the World today!

By the way, we partner up with EVERY CARRIER IN THE UNITED STATES. So that you can now be hooked up to communicate to more people than you have ever been able to reach or direct to your products!

For now, let's just get your special pricing guaranteed, get you access to the other platforms and get your "Commercial Spot" displaying right in the middle of our TV commercial to website features...

And as we help you acquire new business we will be pleased to offer you more when you are comfortable and ready to the next level of income for your business.

Yes I Want To Give This A Try!

Just give us a try, and we're certain that you will find that your business, your sales and your income gets a boost like you have never experienced!

Just place your order at our current special pricing, fill in the short form, and our system will set your website up to show in our commercial rotator!

It's That Easy!

But do not hesitate because our rotator spots for our tv commercial campaigns fill up very quickly and we do not overbook so every advertiser gets maximum exposure on new people seeing their

If the system allows you to place your order on the next page, you just grabbed yourself a spot ahead of everyone else and are guaranteed a full month of television commercial coverage directing viewers to see your website!

It's Your Choice On which package
works best for you!

Remember when you get only 2 customers
you have no out of pocket expense and
keep getting TV and internet advertising!

I want The TV and internet advertising spot only $67
A Month I do not want to be an affiliate or reseller


I want to be an affiliate reseller only $67
A Month I do not want my own TV advertising


Most Popular = Both TV & Reseller Package $134
A Month I Want Advertising AND A New Income!

Your account "should" be ready in seconds, however... if you notice any issues at all please do not worry, we'll take care of you like you were our own kid sister and get you taken care of quickly, just click the "contact us" button below if you need any assistance!

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contact us :: unimaxservices@sbcglobal.net

Imagine... a whole month of tv advertising in our rotator, and you get a reduced price that you are guaranteed to get to keep while you watch brand new customers arrive to do business with you every time your spot comes up from our television commercials....

Disclaimer: we do not guarantee you any amount of sales as we have no idea what you are attempting to sell or market... If you have junk, it doesn't matter how many prospective customers we drive to your business, it's still recognizable as junk.. right?

But for those of you with items and services of interest... get ready because this is a great way to get the word out about your business in a very unique and enjoyable way!

Yes! I want my business in this system!



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